Tired of exercising without results?... 

... Your Fitness And Exercise Routine May Be Useless

For Your Body Type!


Your body type may demand a different exercise and fitness routine then your friends and workout buddies! If you're exercising and not getting the results you need, it's time to discover more about your body type!

You're about to discover ...

  How to determine your body type.
  How your body type can effect you — and even your personality.
  How to get the best results out of every workout by catering to your body type.

From the Desk of

Georgette Pann,
ACE Personal Trainer


Do you wonder why your not getting the results you want with your workout?

If you're working hard, you may be surprised to know that some exercise routines just don't have the same effect on all people.

What may be good for one, may actually be worse for you!

Your Body Is Screaming!

It's important to discover what will work for your specific body type sooner than later. So you can start giving your body what it needs.

Your body may be furious with you because it's not getting the exercise it needs!

Everyone is different. Whether your skinny, beefy or ripped. Your body demands and benefits from various exercises and diets differently than others.

Here are the body types...

  The first body type — tend to carry and gain extra pounds pretty easy.
  The second body type — an athletic build that needs exercise to maintain.
  The third body type — very skinny, often unable to gain significant weight.

Each of these body types are different. Which are you? And are you ready to...

Discover How Your
Body Craves To Be Exercised!

When you discover how to listen to your body, and exercise it the way it's demanding it be exercised... you'll achieve results you never did before.

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In my membership site, "JustFitnesAndExercise.info" I'll help you find your body type and explain how to get the best results with what you've got.

...here are just SOME of the expert report and articles you'll find inside:

The doctor that discovered body types were different and required different workouts.

3 main body types – what they imply about your physique and some say even personality.

How your body-type can mold your perception of yourself and effect your behavior.

11 body type measurements that date back to 1853, that even NASA is still using today.

8 reasons your body NEEDS to exercise other than losing weight.

9 ways to tell if you fit this body type – plus 9 ideal workouts


3 different types of exercising– when to use each for results.

People with the first body type have trouble losing weight around this section of the body.

Because you most likely won't fit one body type 100%, here's how to tell which qualities of each apply to you.

17 things you probably never knew about your body, and 21 things you'll probably discover about yourself when working out.

5 requirements for success and 8 ways to make your workouts achieve better results.

18 ways to ensure your training earns you the results you're after.

6 ways to judge if an exercise is right for your body.

3 levels of activity – each is good for some, but not for everyone.

2 two key characteristics of a successful personal action plan.

And there’s MUCH more – guaranteed!

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red-arrow-04_R   "A Guide To Walking Fitness" Do you ever wish that you could get in better shape, tone those muscles, lose some weight and achieve better health? Fitness walking is an excellent way to do this; however, without the right tools and information, it could take you years to figure out the secrets to successful walking fitness. Instead of spending a fortune on so-called experts or knocking yourself out with the old trial and error method, there is an easier way to learn how to fitness walk the way you’ve always dreamed.




red-arrow-04_R   "Exercise And Fitness"  It's important to discover what will work for your specific body type sooner than later. So you can start giving your body what it needs. Your body may be furious with you because it's not getting the exercise it needs! Everyone is different. Whether your skinny, beefy or ripped. Your body demands and benefits from various exercises and diets differently than others.




red-arrow-04_R   "101 Ways To Get In Better Shape"  More than any other time in history, people are all vying to have the best, healthiest body possible. The health and fitness industries are making billions of dollars every year on herbal supplements, fitness equipment, gyms, and special diets. If you watch TV or read magazines, there is always some intriguing commercial asking for money to help you get into shape. While many of these options are good and healthy, others you should stay as far away from as possible. Recently, a professional baseball player died at the age of 23. In his locker, a bottle was discovered containing Ephedrine. The FDA just issued a warning that people need to heed.





And there’s MUCH more – guaranteed!

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